Changes to the validity of skills assessments, announced yesterday in the Select Legislative Instrument SLI- F2014L00726 Migration Legislation Amendment (2014 Measures No.1) Regulation 2014, commence on 1 July 2014, as do the remainder of the changes announced in that SLI.It is advised to check the validity of skills assessments for points calculations used for lodged Skillselect EOI or applications with issued invitations and lodge the related visa applications by 30 June 2014.

Migration Regulations 189.214 and 190.214 require the applicant’s score to be ‘not less than the score stated in the invitation’ and ‘not less than the qualifying score’.

There is a caveat though, if a shorter validity period is specified on the assessment for, the shorter validity period would prevail. This means your current VETASSESS assessment will be valid for 3 years but your ACS one will only be valid for 2 years.