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Are You Still Thinking About Emigrating To Australia?

If you’ve met one of our migration consultants or sat through our webinars, we would have explained every step of the skilled migration process to you.

But maybe you still have some questions on your mind but didn’t get the chance to ask us…

No worries, here are the most common questions from over 50,000 assessments

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Do I Need To Visit Australia To Qualify?2020-10-31T11:11:19+08:00

No you don’t! The Australian government understands that not everyone would have been able to visit Australia in the past. But this doesn’t mean you are any less qualified – so the skilled migration program allows for you to apply even if you’ve never visited the country.

Must I Get A Job In Australia First?2020-10-31T11:14:05+08:00

You can apply for skilled migration without having a job or job offer from Australia. It’s not common for Australian companies to offer jobs to applicants who don’t already have work rights in Australia, so you’d need the visa first before you could apply for a job.

My Degree Or Diploma Was Conducted In English, Do I Need To Sit An English Test?2020-10-31T11:24:22+08:00

Yes you will need to, unless you have a passport from America, United Kingdom, Canada or New Zealand. However having said that, even applicants from those countries would take the English test as it’s worth up to 20 points.

Is Austral Really Licensed To Give Immigration Services?2020-10-31T11:41:14+08:00

We understand that the amount of visa scams have been increasing recently, but rest assured we are fully licensed to do what we do. If you search for any of our MARA licenses (1280295 / 1463976/ 1797371/ 2015387) on the mara.gov.au website, you’ll see our business details, address, contact details and more. With offices in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore, we are possibly the most registered immigration law firm in the region with 4 in-house migration agents (including 2 Australian immigration lawyers).

No other agency will have as many, which you can also check on the MARA website above.

What Documents Do I Need To Collect?2020-10-31T12:08:52+08:00

It varies from occupation to occupation, but typically it’s academic qualifications, proof of employment and proof you were paid for your employment. We recommend you ask for a follow up consultation and one of our team will explain to you exactly what you will need to collect.

Is The Visa Just For Me Or For My Whole Family?2020-10-31T12:11:56+08:00

If you are applying for skilled migration and your visa is approved, your family (spouse and kids) will get the same visa that you applied for. Only you or your spouse needs to qualify for the migration program for the whole family to qualify!

What’s The Difference Between Engaging Austral And Doing It Myself?2020-10-31T12:13:11+08:00

Most visa applications are done by people themselves and the results can be quite mixed. In some cases everything went fine and their visas were granted with no problems, but in other cases errors were made that were so serious that they would never be able to apply again.

As an Immigration Law Firm, our job is to make sure that your visa application is positioned in the best way possible by:

  • Getting you through the occupation assessment stage
  • Making sure your points score is as competitive as possible
  • Monitoring all the changes to the law to be able to advise you immediately if it affects you
  • Monitoring the states daily, because the states have to publicly disclose changes but don’t have to notify you on what changes were made

We provide peace of mind and take the workload off of your shoulders so that you can continue with your day to day life while we process your visa application in the background.

Is The Skilled Migration Program Closed?2020-10-31T12:13:58+08:00

You may have read on blogs, forums or even news portals that have claimed the skilled migration program is closing or ending. We are not sure why people are making this claim, but it’s not true at all!

The skilled migration program is key to Australia’s economy, it has been and always will be. You can see for yourself in the occupation ceilings announced each year as part of the budget, which means that it’s not a cost to Australia but a gain.

So don’t believe everything you read online, most of the time it’s inaccurate.

Do I Have To Stay In Australia For 2 Years To Renew My Visa?2020-10-31T12:14:36+08:00

This is one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to permanent residencies. When you get your PR, you will be given a 5 year travel authority, which can be renewed in two ways, either by staying in Australia for 2 years out of 5 years, or if you have been in Australia for less than 2 years, it renews for 1 year at a time.

In fact, as long as you get back to Australia before your initial 5 year travel authority expires, you can actually live in Australia for the rest of your life (that’s why it’s called permanent residency) without having to renew anything!

You only need to renew your travel authority if you want to leave the country.

For provisional residents (subclass 491) you have to fulfil specific stay conditions, so it does not follow the explanation above.

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