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Australia’s Global Talent Visa – Target Sectors


Australia's Global Talent Visa is one of the most popular visa options for talented working professionals or academics looking at applying for permanent residency there. The program was designed to bring the best talent into Australia, as a focus of the country's recovery from Covid-19 and to increase their [...]

What Are The Steps To Apply For Australian PR From Malaysia?


Malaysia is one of the top source destinations to Australia - thousands of people apply for Australian permanent residency from Malaysia each year. As one of the top immigration law firms in Malaysia, the chances are we've met thousands of these applicants too! Many potential Australia PR applicants in [...]

Australian Permanent Residency vs Singapore Permanent Residency, What Is The Difference?


One of the top questions we get from our clients working in Singapore is what’s the difference between the Australian permanent residency system and Singapore’s permanent residency system? And if they want to apply for Australian permanent residency from Singapore, does it affect one or the other? What Is [...]

What Are The Steps To Apply For Australian PR From Singapore?


When people apply for Australian permanent residency from Singapore, they always follow the same process in almost 99% of all cases. Because we’ve handled thousands of clients from around the world, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on the top questions people have when they are thinking of emigrating [...]

Why Are Some Australian Lawyers Not Listed On MARA’s Register?


As some of you know, some of our agents can no longer be found on the MARA Register. This is simply as a result of new legislation that came into force on 22nd March 2021. Please be assured that it’s business as usual at Austral. The main points you [...]

Subclass 132A – Significant Business History Visa


The Class EA, Business Skills - Business Talent (Permanent) subclass 132 was made popular by the fact that it had the one and only structured Australian business visa that gave the applicant permanent residency once their visa was granted. This was done through a stream called the ‘Significant Business [...]

Australia’s Visa Subclass 491 (Skilled Work Regional) – Explained!


The Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) (Class PE) (Subclass 491)  a.k.a Subclass 491 is the latest visa to be added to the skilled migration program. It replaces the previous version of the regional skilled migration program - or the older subclass 489 visa. Introduced on 16th November 2019 by the [...]

Subclass 155 Resident Return Visa – Everything You Need To Know


When it comes to the Resident Return Visa, or full name: Class BB, Five Year Resident Return (Subclass 155) visa, there is always quite a bit of confusion… In fact even the name itself is confusing, is this visa for 5 years? I thought it could be for 1 [...]

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