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Australia has always supported business creation throughout the country as this spurs both economic and employment growth. This led them to offer the business migration pathway to overseas business owners to be able to apply for a business visa if they fulfilled certain requirements.

A 2 stage visa with temporary/ permanent residence, an applicant would need to be nominated by an Australian state/ territory to be considered for the various subclasses of visas offered.

The business visa stream is broken down into 2 main visa subclasses, namely the Business Talent (Permanent) (Subclass 132) visa and Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (Subclass 188) visa which are described below.

Choosing The Right Visa Subclass

Business Talent (Permanent) (Subclass 132) – Significant Business History Stream

Visa Duration Permanent
Points Test Not required
Assets & Business Turnover – ASSETS: AUD$ 1.5 million (AUD$ 400,000 must be net business assets)

– TURNOVER: AUD$ 3 million

History & Commitment Be a high calibre business owner who will enter into business in Australia

Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (Subclass 188) – Business Innovation Stream

Visa Duration 4 years

– may be eligible to renew the visa for an additional 2 year

– may apply for PR (Subclass 888) visa after certain conditions have been met.

Points Test Minimum of 65 points
Assets & Business Turnover – ASSETS: AUD$ 800,000

– TURNOVER: AUD$ 500,000

History & Commitment – An overall successful business career

– A genuine and realistic commitment to be involved as an owner of a new or existing business in Australia

Visa Requirements

All of the visas require that the main applicant fulfils the requirements listed below.

Item Requirement
Age Over 18 and under 55 years old
English Demonstration of functional english (IELTS 4.5 or equivalent), otherwise an additional fee will be imposed. However these visas can be applied without having functional english.
State Sponsorship Required The applicant must be nominated by a State or Territory government agency
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Why Choose Austral For Your Business Visa?

Here at Austral Migration Consultancy, we have surrounded ourselves with experienced people who are knowledgeable in business operations, finance, law and planning which helps us advise our clients on how to best apply for a business or investor migration visa.

Our management team itself consists of individuals who practiced in Australia business law, worked in the Australian property sector and have owned and sold businesses in Australia in the past.

With their combined experience, we take the load off of you so that you can focus on running your business while we do the leg work and focus on getting you your business visa and ultimately your permanent residency.

Once you obtain your business migration visa, we will continue to guide you through the pathway of ensuring that you meet the regulation obligations. We have a dedicated team set up in Australia to ensure that you continue to meet the state and federal government requirements.

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Benefits of Business Migration Visas

If you have a qualifying business, then a business migration visa is a good option for you as it allows potential applicants to be up to 55 years old and there is no English language requirement (with an additional fee).

The main benefits have been summarised below.

Business Talent (Permanent) (Subclass 132) – Significant Business History Stream Visa

As a permanent resident, you and your accompanying family members can:

  • Live and work permanently in Australia

  • Study in Australia / Premium education facilities

  • Medicare benefits – Australia’s scheme for health care

  • Access certain social security payments/ tax benefits

  • Apply for Australian citizenship

  • Sponsor family members for permanent residence

Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (Subclass 188) – Business Innovation Stream Visa

This visa allows you and your dependants to:

  • Temporarily live and work in a designated area in Australia

  • Travel in and out of Australia while the visa is valid

  • Apply for permanent residence through Business Innovation and Investment (permanent) (Subclass 888) visa after certain conditions have been met.

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