Every IELTS and PTE Test Center In Singapore (Updated 2018)

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As the most popular standardized English tests for students looking to study undergraduate courses in Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA or for migration purposes to Australia, IELTS and PTE make up the bulk of all the tests taken. However with various venue providers for both tests, the locations are fragmented across multiple websites [...]

Australian Skilled Migration Changes March 2018

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It seems like the changes to skilled migration are coming fast and often in 2018, with a new batch of changes made in conjunction with the abolishment of the old subclass 457 visa and the introduction of the Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482) visa which came into force on March 18th 2018. As [...]

Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List – January 2018

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As mentioned in an earlier article, the skilled occupation lists went through changes on January 17 2018. The new Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) as of January 2018 can be seen below. Occupation ANZSCO code horse breeder 121316 construction project manager 133111 project builder 133112 engineering manager 133211 child care centre [...]

Skilled Migration List Update January 2018

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The start of the new year brings changes to the skilled migration list, which the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) did notify would be the case over the last few months, although this change was relatively minor for general skilled migration in the 189, 190 and 489 visa subclasses. The changes reflect minor movement [...]

Australian Business and Investor Visa Trends 2018

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Update 18/1/2018 The original article was written last week, but with some changes that came into effect on 17/1/2018, I wanted to highlight the below information. With the consolidation of the Department of Immigration and Border Patrol (DIBP) into the newly formed Department of Home Affairs (DOHA), there have been some news in migration [...]

Business & Investor Visa Seminar January 2018

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Considering Migrating To Australia? Ever wanted to find out if you could migrate to Australia using your existing business or investments? Our upcoming consultations have all the information you need on the process. Speak directly to an Australian registered migration agent Invest AUD600k to get an Australian Permanent Residency No English language test [...]

Basics Of The Australian Investor Visa

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Every country has in some form or another, an investor-linked visa system - Australia’s investor visa stream is no different. For a defined amount of investment, you can qualify for a visa to live, work and even open a business in Australia and is a popular option for higher net worth individuals, or even [...]

Australian Permanent Residency vs. Work Permit

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In most parts of Southeast Asia and in fact around the world, a ‘work permit’ is a common short term visa that allows you to live and work in a specific country with certain conditions. However in the case of Australia it’s not quite so straightforward. Due to their relative isolation from the rest [...]

Skilled Migration Australia 2018

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Australia’s skilled migration program brings in over 120,000 new migrants to Australia a year and is the backbone of their migration program and arguably one of the key drivers to keeping their economy consistently strong and stable over the last 30 years. This article will go through the basics of the skilled migration program, [...]