Australian Permanent Residency vs Singapore Permanent Residency, What Is The Difference?


One of the top questions we get from our clients working in Singapore is what’s the difference between the Australian permanent residency system and Singapore’s permanent residency system? And if they want to apply for Australian permanent residency from Singapore, does it affect one or the other? What Is [...]

What Are The Steps To Apply For Australian PR From Singapore?


When people apply for Australian permanent residency from Singapore, they always follow the same process in almost 99% of all cases. Because we’ve handled thousands of clients from around the world, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on the top questions people have when they are thinking of emigrating [...]

Every IELTS and PTE Test Center In Singapore (Updated 2018)


As the most popular standardized English tests for students looking to study undergraduate courses in Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA or for migration purposes to Australia, IELTS and PTE make up the bulk of all the tests taken. If you are looking to migrate to Australia from [...]

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