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Subclass 155, Resident Return Visa (RRV)

Are you currently a permanent resident of Australia, or did you used to be a permanent resident?

Once your initial 5 year travel authority (which you got when your visa was first granted) runs out, you need to apply for a Subclass 155, 5 Year Resident Return Visa (RRV) to return back to Australia as a permanent resident.

Without one you would not be allowed to even get on the plane!

How Do I Qualify For A Resident Return Visa (RRV)?

There are two ways to qualify for an RRV:

  1. If you’ve lived in Australia for 2 years in total out of the last 5 years
  2. If you have substantial ties in Australia

If you fall under category 1, your visa would be granted with a Subclass 155, RRV with a 5 year travel authority.

If you fall under category 2, your visa would be granted a Subclass 155, RRV with a 1 year travel authority.

Do I Qualify For An RRV?


Case Study – 17 Years Absent RRV Success Story

A client and her spouse engaged us to apply for an RRV almost 18 years after they left Australia!

They had studied in Australia before they continued on by working and then ultimately getting their PR while they were onshore.

After 2 years of work they had to return to their home country for family reasons – after which they only returned to Australia for short holidays over the next 17 years…

  • Why they left
  • Their substantial ties to Australia (work, family, studies etc.)
  • Prove that they are eager to return once their RRV is granted
  • All supporting documents that back up all of the reasons above

We got a response in less than 4 months with a approved visa grant – for a RRV with a 1 year travel authority!

A personal record for us, but it goes to show that it is definitely possible if you prepare and structure your case correctly.

If you are looking at getting an RRV for you or your family and need professional help, please click the button below to get in contact.

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