For all permanent residents, once their initial 5 year travel authority has lapsed and if they would like to travel or remain outside Australia and maintain their status as a permanent resident, a new travel authority (resident return visa) would be required.

Applicants can qualify for 1 and 5 year travel authorities if they have met certain stay requirements in Australia of if they can prove substantial ties that are of benefit to Australia.

If you need help with a RRV, please get in contact with us to see if you fit the requirements below.

Eligibility Requirements

If you do not meet the requirements for Five Year Resident Return visa (subclass 155) your application will be assessed against the criteria for 3 Month Resident Return visa (subclass 155)or 1 Year Resident Return visa (subclass 155).

Purpose of Visa

  • Allows you to remain in Australia indefinitely

  • Allows you to leave and enter Australia as often as you want, within the validity period of the visa, while maintaining your status as a permanent resident

3 Month and 1 Year Subclass 155 Visa Requirements

  • You have substantial business, cultural, employment or personal ties of benefit to Australia

  • A compelling reason for your absence

Do I Qualify To Migrate To Australia?