Myth 1: You need to be ‘young’ to migrate.

As long as you are below 50 at the point of application

, you fulfill the age criteria for migration. In fact, New Zealand has NO age restrictions!! Consult us for further clarification – FALSE

Myth 2: It’s best to migrate before you have kids.  

Both Australia and New Zealand has made no provisions that suggests so. In fact, you could be doing your children a favour by giving them the opportunity to adapt better. However, Government of Australia charges according to each applicant. Meaning it will be cheaper for a family of 2 to migrate instead of a family of 4. – INCONCLUSIVE 

Myth 3: You cannot migrate with your parents.

Again, this is not true. You could possibly apply for a parent visa after you have moved over but it could potentially cost you up to AUD45,000 per parent! Alternatively, there are many cases where you will be able to include your parents in the initial application. – FALSE

Myth 4: You cannot/should not migrate without getting a job first.

The entire migration process is centred as a huge job interview. Receiving a PR would indicate that you are highly employable in Australia. Alternatively, you could always get an employer to sponsor you.  However, it is not easy to get a PR sponsorship from an Australian company with little or no working experience in Australia. Your best chance is to work for a multinational company and request for an internal transfer  the company will then offer a temporary work visa (457). A temporary visa is tied to the job – if you lose the job or quit, you lose the visa. If you really want to migrate (ie become a Permanent Resident), going over before looking for a job is a step of faith you must be prepared to take. The good news is, it is easier to get a job once you are a PR, compared to if you go as a foreigner. – FALSE