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Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Living in the World’s Happiest Country

Isn’t this what we’ve always dreamt of? Living a life in an environment that keeps
one happy?

Well, if you’re not sure where this can be achieved, you may want to explore a ‘tiny’
little place ‘down under’ commonly known to the world as Australia – ‘The Happiest
Country in the World’ – as ranked by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and
Development (OECD).

Keeping its spot at the top of the organisation’s ranking for a third year straight,
Australia definitely offers its residence a chance to live a ‘laid back and relaxing
lifestyle’ – something many people desire especially after a long day’s work, but few
can actually find.

So then, why do Australian citizens – including those migrating in from numerous
countries around the world – find happiness in a country seemingly popular for its
bush, outback and kangaroos?

The answer, based on OECD’s index, shows that Australia stands tall among the
world’s developed economies, when comparing jobs, income, environment and health
of its citizens. The country – which is as well defined as a continent – simply offers
its residents a great appealing lifestyle. Needless to say, Australia’s vibrant cities –
couple with its beaches and natural beauty – certainly sets a tone for the many who
look to make the most of their weekends off work.

Quality of life, cleanliness, low-pollution, non-congested roads,security and more
importantly its economy, were among some of the reasons identified by Australians –
and those emigrating in from Asian countries – as to why they make up a happy

Employment opportunities and job security are other solid reasons why many prefer
living in Australia. This has attracted hundreds of PR applications a year into the
country in recent times. A country that has always been regarded as a land founded
and developed by all walks of life

, from all corners of the globe, continues today in
the same vein. Many Asians, Europeans, Africans and Americans flock in to make up
an immensely diverse population.

Given that the there’s plenty of room in Australia – a land mass that covers 8.6
million square kilometres – there’s never a dull moment when it comes to exploring
the country.

In our next blog posting, we will look at the various cities and regions that make up
this magnificent geographical wonder, and as well delve deeper into what and where
folks in the land down under, generate that elusive ability to live a happy life amidst
the stress of modern living.

Till then, what say you mate – fancy finding out if you too can enjoy a piece of the
Aussie happy pie?