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What is it like?

The first thing expatriates in Australia will notice is the down-to-earth approach to business.

Australian businesses tend to value fairness and efficiency in the workplace

, as well as a healthy work-life balance above all else. All of these make time spent working abroad in Australia a pleasant experience for many expats and new migrants.

Due to the vastness of Australia, regional difference in the way business is conducted is not
uncommon. People working in Australia’s largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne are often said to have a more conservative and formal approach to business than their colleagues in Perth or Adelaide.

In general, however, the workplace is probably less formal and hierarchical than what you are accustomed to. You may find that individual input and performance are often valued higher than seniority in Australia’s business world.

This means that new hard working migrants are given equal opportunity to be part of the team and prove their worth.

Work life balance

In recent years, Australian businesses has placed more emphasis and sought to achieve better work/life balance for its employees. The increasing acknowledgement of the associated advantages it has led most businesses to promote flexible work arrangements such as part-time work and jobshare arrangements; flexible start and finish times; work from home options; career breaks; graduated return to work and phased retirement arrangements.

The reason this is an emphasis is because it leads to higher staff retention, attracts top talent with emphasis on catering to the needs of the business and clients. This is to achieve long term sustainability.