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So you’re waving a clean bill of health, secured accommodation in the city of your choice, checked out your future neighbours and have everything else in order to make Australia your new home. All that remains is for you to pack your personal effects and household items and send them via sea or air freight.

Before you start, however, its best you know what you can bring with you and what you’ll have to leave behind, so say goodbye to that potted plant that’s been your only companion for years.

There’s no official Australian Department of Stuff We Confiscate, but Australia’s Department of Agriculture has some stringent rules and regulations you’ll need to adhere to before you start packing. For instance, you can’t bring the following in as personal effects:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Live plants and bulbs
  • Prohibited and restricted seeds
  • Unidentified seeds

    , which can include some foods including spices

  • Animals (including pets) that require an import permit
  • Biological products including some plant-based, herbal medications
  • Unprocessed goods of plant or animal origin
  • Items knowingly infested with pests or a disease

There’s a comprehensive list of items ranging from rugs and picture frames to food containers and vacuum cleaners, so do check out the Department of Agriculture’s website ( for more on what’s allowed and what’s barred. In the meantime, enjoy your last meal on that antique, hand-crafted dinner table that also plays host to a ravenous family of termites and a fantastic Australian made Merbau table will be greeting you here in sunny Australia.