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As you can see above the complaint is false. Ironically, his allegation that I falsified documents were in fact, false.

In this industry we meet all kinds of individuals, this is a poignant fact when our clients are emotionally invested in the application and due to the size of our organisation we meet a lot more clients that the average migration agent/ agency.

I sat down thinking whether we should actually respond to Mr. Moore’s allegations. Why bother with something so amazingly ridiculous and fictitious? We had a few queries lately so we decided to address the issue head-on.

Mr. Moore was a client. Yes.

He approached us to assist. We spoke briefly on the phone and he very quickly engaged us. We advised him on the application process and the steps to be taken. He then abruptly and surprisingly dropped us and requested for a full refund.

Amidst our discussion we concluded that something was amiss. We decided not to take a confrontational stance and parted ways.

Approximately 2 months later we were contacted by Mr. Moore – who alleged that we provided false documents for a visa application.

There is a glaring flaw in that accusation – we didn’t actually lodge an application for that visa subclass.

The email above has vindicated our stance. Feel free to contact Mr. Brown.

We meet all kind of clients on the job. This was one of the more unique ones.

Kind regards