The start of the new year brings changes to the skilled migration list, which the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) did notify would be the case over the last few months, although this change was relatively minor for general skilled migration in the 189, 190 and 489 visa subclasses.

The changes reflect minor movement between the Medium and Long Term Strategic List (MLTSSL) and Short Term Skill Occupation List (STSOL) and the removal of certain occupations from either lists altogether.

We have summarized these changes below.

Occupations added to the STSOL

ANZSCO      Occupation

612112         Property manager

272314         Psychotherapist

612115         Real estate representative

Occupations moved from STSOL to MLTSSL

ANZSCO      Occupation

211316         Horse breeder

224711         Management consultant

Occupations removed from the lists completely

ANZSCO      Occupation

312112         Building associate

142114         Hair or beauty salon manager

The most significant changes for us would be the moving of management consultant from the STSOL to the MLTSSL, as that opens up direct application for the 189 subclass, although the DOHA is currently claiming otherwise – we will be monitoring the situation and legislative instruments and will update on our website and through email when we have a clearer picture.

The second big change is adding back real estate representative back into the STSOL, as before this many real estate agents would have not qualified, but if more states start to open, then we would be looking at some valid visa options for many of you reading this.

As the changes are barely a few days old, many state occupation lists are not fully updated yet, so we won’t know how many states are open for nominating these occupations for probably another 1 or 2 weeks.

For ease of reference, we’ve also included the ANZSCO descriptions of a selection of the occupations that we’ve mentioned above. If they sound like your job description, please reply this email we’ll get back to you to see if you have some visa options under these occupations.


Alternative Titles:

  • Real Estate Salesperson
  • Real Estate Subagent

Arranges the conduct of real estate transactions such as sales and leasing, and assists buyers to find suitable properties, on behalf of an agency. Registration or licensing is required.


Alternative Title:

  • Business Consultant

Assists organisations to achieve greater efficiency and solve organisational problems.

If there any further updates to the lists

, regulations or other news we think will be useful to potential migration applicants, we will release a further update.

Family Sponsorship

A quick end note on family sponsorship, which we will cover in full in a later article. Most people know that if they have a relative in Australia, it can help with getting a visa there, but what they don’t know is what requirements are needed for this to happen.

In short:

  • You still have to be below the age of 45
  • Your occupation must be on the MLTSSL
  • Your relative must live in specific areas of Australia to qualify
  • The relative must be direct (as far as a cousin) to either you or your spouse

If this sounds like you, get in touch with us as it may open up another visa type most people aren’t familiar with.

Do I Qualify To Migrate To Australia?